Spot Trading Futures Signals

You can now trade Futures Signals with Spot!

This is for those members that want to trade Futures signals but do not want to use any leverage. Whenever you open a Futures signal, before you can trade it you will be asked if you’d like to trade with Futures or Spot. 

This feature was also introduced partly In response to the sudden Binance announcement where futures trading in some countries* was disallowed. If you were one of those affected by this, just click on Spot whenever you trade our Future signals and you can go on to trade the signal as usual. 

What to consider when choosing:

Normally, there should be no issue when trading Futures signals with Spot, as the charts usually mirror each other 99% of the time. However there is a 1% chance that the charts will not match, and this might cause an issue with notification. 

Consider these two screenshots of a BTC Spot chart and a BTC Futures chart. 



As you can see in the Futures chart, Target 1 was hit but not in the Spot chart.

 When you enter a Futures signal and trade it as Spot, the same scenario has a possibility of happening and you will find that in the dashboard it will display that the signal has already hit T1 (because in the dashboard it is a futures trade), but when you check on your account none of your coins have sold. 

There is no way around this except to just deal with it. This is only a minor inconvenience and will not have any drastic effect on your trades.

*Countries where Binance Derivatives are no longer offered: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Hongkong, Australia

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