Margin, Futures and Leverage

Some signals are shown with a Leverage multiplier which will allow you to make larger trade amounts with the same amount of starting capital.

For example, if you have $100 on your account but choose a 20x leverage option, you can buy $2000 worth of a coin whilst risking only your starting $100 (or even less if a stop loss is used)!

Using leverage allows you to make much higher profits from your starting capital but does of course mean you have more risk, so you should exercise through risk management.

There are 2 forms of leverage trading available:  Margin trading and Futures trading. You can copy-trade Futures Signals through ProfitFarmers but Margin trading currently requires you to place the trades manually within the Binance system. 

Margin Trading

Leverage options - 3x - 5x


Futures Trading

Leverage options - 1x - 125x (typically 20x is suggested)




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