Trading Futures: Keep Hedge Mode OFF

If you want to trade our futures signals, please keep Hedge mode off. 

What is Hedge mode? 

It enables users to hold positions in both long and short directions at the same time under the same contract. This is not supported in the ProfitFarmers system.

Sometimes members happen to enable it by accident.  If you are one of those members, Here’s how to change hedge mode back to the one-way mode in your Futures Account. 

Note: The position mode is the one-way mode by default. (so please don't change it)

  1. Go to your Binance account and access the USDs-M Futures                                                                                   
  2. Click the right top corner beside “Cross/20x”  then choose Preference.

   3. Under Preference, click position mode then select  “One-way Mode” then press confirm.  

   4. That's it, now you can trade without any problems. 

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