What are Pending Trades

Here’s a scenario: You created a trading plan with one of our signals. You set all the targets and chose a trading strategy you are comfortable with and click confirm the order. A few days later you see the signal hitting all its targets for some juicy gains - but when you checked your wallet, lo and behold there was no increase. 

Here is probably why: 

You didn’t get into the trade. The entry price you have set was not met by the market. In other words, the price of the coin didn't come down as low as your trade plan. 

 You can confirm this by checking your Open Orders and History to see if you had set up a trade that was never triggered (the price of the coin never came down to your chosen entry price).

The pending status would display if you have not yet entered the trade. 

What you can do: 

  1. If you want to enter the trade immediately, you can activate Market Buy on the trading form so that the system will buy the coins for you at the current price. 

  1. If your order is “pending”, being patient is a viable option. Set an entry price you are comfortable with and just wait. 

Don't worry, if you weren’t able to enter the trade, a good trader won't stress too much about it - Get rid of the FOMO feeling and realize that there will always be another signal to trade. 

  1. Check out our blogs

We have a depth % statistic where we calculate the average dipping of the coin into the entry zones. For example, last quarter the average depth % just dips slightly above the standard strategy, which means you have a higher chance of entering the trade if you had set your entry zones just slightly higher than the standard strategy. 

Special note:

If your orders are still pending despite the signal being closed in the ProfitFarmers dashboard, it's time to clean up your trades. Left alone, you might accidentally buy the coins when the price comes down.

Check your open orders to see if your trades are still pending (again, the price of the coin never came down to your chosen entry price), and make sure to cancel this whole trade order so that you don't accidentally buy the coins later when the price comes down.

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