How to close a trade manually - TAKE ACTION

Sometimes we don't like the way a signal is progressing and decide it's time to exit early. If you receive this notification it's time to TAKE ACTION.

Actions that you can take:

  1. Sell your coins/close your position.
  2. Close any related open orders.
  3. Do nothing. (see below for the explanation to why this is an option)

1. Sell Your Coins/Close Your Position

If you want to copy our choice to close the trade early, there are three ways you can do this:

A. Through the close early notification Pop Up

B. Through the Trading Terminal

C. Through the Open Orders and History

A. Through the Close Early Notification Pop Up

The best way to take action is through the notification pop up. 

> If the trade being closed early is a Spot trade:

  • Option 1: Sell Coins Now - This will execute a 100% market sell based on the current price. 
  • Option 2: Keep My Coins - This will cancel all your open orders. That includes your Take Profit Targets and your Stop-loss, but the coins will remain in your wallet. Choose this option in case you wish to Hold your coins.
  • Option 3: Do nothing - This will close the pop up notification. No action has been taken.

> If the trade being closed early is a Futures trade:

  • Option 1: Close position - Your position will be closed. 
  • Option 2: Do Nothing - No action is taken and your position will remain open. 

 B. Close the trade via the Trading Terminal

  1. Navigate to Trade Manually.
  2. MARKET SELL 100% of the coins you bought on this trade.

You can check your wallet balance and order history if you can't remember how many coins you bought on a specific trade. 

This will put you back in the position you were in before following the signal.

NOTE: Check your open orders to see if you had setup a trade that was never triggered (the price of the coin never came down to your chosen entry price) and make sure to cancel this whole trade order so that you don't accidentally buy the coins later when the price comes down.

C. Close via the Open Orders and History tab

1. Navigate to your Open Orders and History.

2. Close your trade.

  • Click cancel trade If the closed early trade is still pending.

  • Click force exit if the closed early trade is already an active trade.

3. Close any related open orders

  • Navigate to open orders and order history.
  • Find the matching coin pair trade order.
  • Click Cancel and confirm.

This will remove any outstanding 'buy', 'stoploss', and 'targets'.

4. Do nothing

What every member needs to know about these close early trades is that the close early was intended as a notification/warning, not as a hard 'you must sell now'. 

In many cases closing early at the time of the alert is smart, but there are also many times where you can wait for a small bounce and exit with a profit or avoid a loss, or if your own analysis says that the trade still looks good, you can stay in it and see how it goes.

Take this RUNEUSDT trade as an example. It was closed early at a price of $6.151 but after a few hours the price reached $7.863. So to the traders that stayed in this trade, they would have reached target 1, but the dashboard will not display it.

A trade will be marked as close early because it no longer follows the strategy that was programmed to it, but it does not automatically mean that the trade will 100% be going in the opposite direction.

 It is definitely better (and safer) if you follow our signals and follow our suggestion when you are notified that signals will be closed early but please remember that the signals are meant to be guides (or co-pilots), the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the user (the pilot). 

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