Issues connecting Binance API with ProfitFarmers? Troubleshoot Problems Here:

If you cannot finish API integration/Invalid API error message this could be one of your problems:

  1. You are connecting a Binance.US or other API key
  2. You are using the wrong Binance API Secret Key
  3. You have some unchecked boxes in your API settings
  4. You have not finished’s intermediate verification

Read on to learn how to troubleshoot each of the issues: 

1. You are connecting a Binance.US or other API key

ProfitFarmers only integrates with If you are not using a account, then you will not be able to integrate with ProfitFarmers.

If this is the case, please contact us at customer support.

2. You are using the wrong Binance API Secret Key

Try to reconnect your API Key and Secret Key to your ProfitFarmers account and make sure to input them correctly. When you generate a new API, you will see your Secret Key in its complete form. 

Copy and paste the API Key and Secret Key into your ProfitFarmers account similar to the picture below.

Note: If you leave the Binance API page your secret key will be hidden forever and will be encrypted. Do not copy and paste when they are in asterisk form. 

If you cannot see the Secret Key and you haven’t saved it, then the only fix is, to delete that API key and start the process over. 

3. You have some unchecked boxes in your API settings

If you do not have the correct checkboxes checked, then it can cause issues with the connection between ProfitFarmers and Binance.

To fix this, check if you can see your spot wallet balance in ProfitFarmers. If you can not see it then the issue is Binance API Permission.

You need to enable Spot & Margin Trading permission inside API settings to enable SPOT trading.
You need to enable Futures permission inside API Settings to enable Futures trading.

To enable both, make sure your API restrictions are similar to this picture:

Note: If you cannot click on the 'Enable Futures' checkbox, then you have most likely not filled out the futures quiz from Binance. This is a requirement to trade futures. You can fix this by filling out the quiz on, which you can find under “futures” trading.

4. You have not finished’s intermediate verification

It is a requirement from, that you have verified your account in order to integrate with API.

Follow’s verification process to access API settings.

Still, having issues connecting with ProfitFarmers?

Reach out to support to get help

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