Standard, Aggressive, and Defensive Entry Styles

Hi there ProfitFarmer,

You may have noticed the Standard, Aggressive, and Defensive Entry Style presets in your basic trading form! 

What do Standard, Aggressive and Defensive entry styles mean?

Simply put: 

The Aggressive entry will buy the coins at the top of the buy zone.

The Standard entry will buy the coins in the middle of the buy zone.

The Defensive entry will buy the coins at the bottom of the buy zone.

What about the targets?

All entries will follow a uniform target spread:

t1 - 40%

t2 - 30%

t3 - 15%

t4 - 15%

Breakeven = true/on

Will buying at a higher entry affect my loss?

If the trade goes directly to stop loss, then your losses will be affected by the level where you bought the coin. An aggressive entry will incur the highest loss while going defensive will minimise the loss.

Here’s an example where we assume that the trade went directly to stop loss:

If you went with the Aggressive entry, you could experience a 15% loss.

For the Standard entry, you could be seeing a 10% loss.

With the Defensive entry, you’ll only be seeing a 3-4% loss.

Can I still edit my entry, targets, and stop-loss?

YES. You're still free to make edits to your entries, targets, and stop loss. 

You can use a technique called “laddering” to so that you'll be able to slowly buy into trades.

Check out this helpdesk article where we give an in-depth explanation of what laddering is and how you can use ProfitFarmers to ladder into trades.

Reminder: None of the content on this article should be deemed as financial advice. Always do your own research before committing to any trades.

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