What is profit and loss (PNL) and how do I calculate my gains?

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Profit and Loss (PNL) shows your total % gains or losses. You can log in to your Binance account and check your PNL. 


Go to spot wallet> Fiat and Spot> Click the small arrow icon underneath Yesterday's PNL


To check your Futures profits, simply go to your Futures order> trade history and check your Realized Profit

Want to calculate your gains manually? Here’s how you do it:

There may be times when you find that the Binance PNL isn’t giving you the results you want to know.  It will take some time, but you can calculate the amount using these formulas.

calculation =($ into trade * % of coins sold) * % gain

Total gross profit = T1 gains + T2 gains + T3 gains +T4 gains

For example:

If you used $1000 to trade and had set the targets to sell:

T1 - Sell 10% 

T2 - Sell 50% 

T3 - Sell 30%

T4 - Sell 10%

And :

T1 = 5% gain from your chosen entry price

T2 = 10% gain from your chosen entry price

T3 = 16% gain from your chosen entry price

T4 = 25% gain from your chosen entry price

Then your $1000 worth of coins will be sold in this way:

T1 profits: $100 * 5% = $5 

T2 profits: $500* 10% = $50 

T3 profits: $300* 18% = $54 

T4 profits: $100* 25% = $25 

Your total gross profit = $134

Please keep in mind that Binance charges a small fee per trade. You can their fee schedule here: Binance FEE Schedule

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