Cryptocurrency dust and what to do with it

Hi there ProfitFarmer! 

You traded a signal, let's say KAVAUSDT, and the signal hit all four targets and you went home with a profit. When you check your wallet balance either in the ProfitFarmer dashboard or within Binance, you find that there is still a tiny amount of KAVA coins left in your wallet.

This is what you call 'cryptocurrency dust'. Cryptocurrency dust is fractional values from a unit of cryptocurrency. Such small amounts are usually impossible to trade because they are less than the transactional fees. Being below the minimum trading limit, they usually stand idle in user wallets.

What can you do about it? 

The best thing you can do with crypto dust is to convert it into BNB coins which you can then trade to either BTC or USDT once you have accumulated enough. You can easily do this within Binance.

In the Browser version, open your Spot Wallet (you can find this in the upper right of the Binance dashboard). You will find a button that says Convert to BNB.

After clicking the button, you will land on a page that says you can convert small balances to BNB. Click select all and then click Convert. 

That's it. You now have BNB coins which you can trade into USDT or BTC once you have a substantial amount of it.

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