How does the system work?

This guide is designed to give a simple overview of how the system works from the user's perspective. For a deeper understanding of trade order types and other advanced options, please refer to the appropriate guides.

So how does it work?

1. A combination of human trading experts and robotic algorithms create trading 'signals'.

2. A signal consists of:

  1. The coin pair to trade
  2. The entry zone - Where it looks good to buy
  3. The targets - Where we would look to sell
  4. Stop loss - When to cut the trade to avoid unnecessary losses

3. If you choose to follow a signal you have to create the 'trade order' which confirms exactly how you would like to follow the signal. You are free to customise this as much as you like or simply copy our ideas.

4. Your instructions are then managed automatically by our system:

  1. The movement of all active signals is tracked live 24/7
  2. When prices reach the levels set in your trade order we activate the buy or sell or stop loss
  3. Orders are created automatically within your exchange account provider (usually Binance) so that you don't have to handle anything

5. Your profits are waiting for you in your exchange account!

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