Binance API Fix

Last week, many of you received an email from Binance stating that they will disable your API keys because you have trading activity from a restricted jurisdiction.

They believe the reason for this is that our partners at  had their servers pinging Binance via a USA IP address.

To resolve the issue, you need to delete your existing exchange API keys inside Binance and ProfitFarmers App.
Create a new exchange API key inside Binance, and update their auto-trade settings in the ProfitFarmers app:

Step 1: DELETE your existing exchange API Key inside Binance
  1. login to Binance
  2. go to the Binance API management settings page:
  3. find the API key you used for ProfitFarmers
  4. Click "Delete" (see attached screenshot)

Inside ProfitFarmers app
  1. login to the ProfitFarmers app
  2. navigate to
  3. under Step 1: Generate exchange API keys in of the auto-trade settings page, select "Binance Spot" (see attached screenshot)

  4. scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the "Delete" button
  5. do steps 3 and step 4 for futures (the only difference is you need to select Binance Futures from the dropdown)
Step 2: Add new exchange API keys inside the ProfitFarmers app
  1. Generate exchange API keys in
  2. Copy and Paste API Key & Secret Key to connect your exchange account
  3. Edit Restrictions & IP Whitelisting of the auto-trade settings page in the ProfitFarmers app ->

For more information on How to Connect Your Binance Account (Spot and Futures) to ProfitFarmers Via API Key please check the link below:

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