ProfitFarmers Trade Set Up (Kingston Arthur's)


If you are:

  • In the dark with how your trades play out
  • Losing confidence because your losses end up eating your gains
  • Trading feels overwhelming

Then you are experiencing the symptoms of taking trades blindly.

luckily, the cure is quite simple: Have a trading plan before making a trade. 

To help you with that, we made this excel sheet called the ProfitFarmers Trade Set Up (Kingston Arthur's).

Click here to get the excel sheet.

Plan your trades + use this sheet to improve results. 

To get started, watch this video guide on how you can use this excel sheet.

Use this in:

  • Planning your trades
  • Getting a better overview of your trades
  • Increasing the robustness of your trading plan
  • Helping you make more informed decisions when trading

Let  your confidence grow as you plan your trades like how Sun Tzu plans for war.

If you need any help with this excel sheet, then please send customer support a message and we’ll be happy to assist.

We hope this helps you with your trades!

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