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TrailingCrypto is a trading platform, where one can access the diverse trading and investment instruments to participate in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. The design of the TrailingCrypto platform is an innovative blend of the best practices of traditional financial exchanges and the opportunities available in the burgeoning crypto market. The platform aims to resolve the existing challenges and hurdles faced by the users of current crypto exchange platforms.

TrailingCrypto is a single-point solution to trade on more than 7+ exchanges. It does not just support basic order types e.g. Market and Limit orders type but it supports many advance order type which includes Trailing Stop, Take Profit, Stop Loss, OSO, and OCO. Click here to look at the complete list of orders available. As of today, except for one or two exchanges, there is no exchange that natively supports these advance order types.

TrailingCrypto is designed to fulfill all investor’s trading requirements regarding advance order type on all major crypto exchanges. The platform is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced traders.

Security is paramount in TrailingCrypto.  In fact, during prioritizing feature development, security and stability always ace over any other feature. Presently all sensitive data are stored after 256-bit encrypted, which is almost impossible to break. Also to protect users, TrailingCrypto has the support of 2FA.

Through our optimized platform, diversified offerings, and ongoing innovations, we are trying to deliver a complete trading experience to the growing crypto user base.

Apart from the services that we provide, we never hold your currency. That is, your coin or token is always with you till the time the order is executed.

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