Trade Doctor

Introducing - Trade Doctor

Long-term Pro members (6month+ plans) can ask personal support from our trading team to help diagnose where they are going wrong with their trade setups. 

What is this for?

  • Understanding how to improve your approach to the platform and trading by reviewing specific trade plans
  • Learning more about common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • If you're just starting out with your trading journey, this could be a good place to start (Because you can have an actual trader guide you)

What is this not for? 

  • Suspected trade errors or bugs (my trade did not function as intended)
  • General questions (Why did my order not trigger, what is the breakeven stop loss, etc)

Trade Doctor is exclusive for Long-term Pro Account Holders

We want you to become a proficient and profitable trader. But the truth is you can only experience profitability when you are consistent, and consistency can only be achieved if you are in it for the long run. 

But you have to find a consistent trading plan/style/strategy to reap the benefits of your work - and that's where the Trade Doctor can REALLY help you.

To ensure we can help as many people as possible, we've limited the FREE 1 on 1 calls for trade doctor to those who have long-term PRO accounts (6 months+ subscriptions)*. 

Please remember that the number of sessions are capped per user depending on the subscription taken during sign up. Often this will be 2 per person, per membership cycle.

Bull market, Bear market, Sideways market - if you know how to trade and have the right tools, you can find success in any market condition. 

Best of luck with your trades!

*If you don't have a long-term subscription or you already ran out of sessions, you can book a trade doctor session for $250 or we can issue more sessions as part of a membership extension. Please send customer support a message and we can arrange a session for you.

How to book an appointment with the Trade Doctor

1. Get started by filling the form here.

2. After you submit the form, the trade doctor will take a look at your answers, and will email you the booking link so you can get on a 1 on 1 call with the Trade Doctor. Give us a bit of time to analyze your answers. Make sure to check your email in 2-3 days!

3. Already had a previous sessions with the trade doctor? Then just send customer support a message that you want to have a session, and we can see if you are eligible. If you still have a session available, then we'll send you the booking link for the next round!

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